Services for Companies

Computer Technical Service

➤ Sells y repairs: PC's, SmartPhones, Tablets, Routers, LAN, Wi-Fi, etc.

➤ Face-to-face and remote attention

➤ Maintenance and bonuses

Software Development

➤ Own Software

➤ Acquisition Vs Rent

➤ Standard and made to measure
➤ Communications

➤ Complete Engineering

➤ Scales, labels, etc.

Web Design and SEO

➤ Graphic Design

➤ Corporate Image

➤ Web Pages

➤ SEO, web positioning

➤ Content Management

Computer security audits

➤ GDPR application

➤ Equipment Audit

➤ Systems Audit

➤ Security Audit

➤ Proactive monitoring

➤ Training

Computer Technical Service

Technical Assistance Service

Our business hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

The basic support service consists of work parts at a fixed cost.

The first hour of service will be complete and from the second hour it will be account for fractions of 30 minutes.

The costs will depend on the type of service provided:

➤ Attention in our office during business hours.

➤ Face-to-face support in your company during business hours.

➤ Weekends, holidays or outside business hours.

Technical Service Options

Option 1: Bonuses per hour

A service oriented to companies, based on the anticipated purchase of a number of annual hours that are dedicated to services during business hours.

The cost of the bonyses will depend on the number of hours that you wish to hire. The payment is made in two parts of 50%.

A first part at the time of contracting and a second payment six month later or in the case that corresponds, to the consumption of 50% of hours contracted if this occurred before the first six months.

After hours, weekend and holidays will be attended according to availability of technicians.

Option 2: Maintenance in Offices

It is an annual service with a monthly fee, which includes the following benefits:

1.  All telephone and remote attention during business hours with a duration of less than 20 minutes will be completely free.

2.   15% discount on general rates.

3.   15% discount on the sale of computer equipment and accesories.

4.   Obtaining one of there two services to choose:

  • Quarterly preventive maintenance (up to 5 computers).
  • Have 2 hours a month during business hours for assistance in person or in our office.

Option 3: Maintenance in Hospitality

Annual Service based on a monthly fee. It provides the same benefits as office maintenance but including all schedules and both optional services.

Software Development

Discover the best system integrator developed in web environment:



Label printing system.


Contact Management and business management.


Warehouse Management Software.


Internal Maintenance Management.


Technical Service


Basic Business Management


Advanced company management


Transport management and vehicle transit.


Production Control Interface.


Management of assistance centers.


Control points for access to the facilities.


Software of gastronomic societies.


Management of centers, activities and reserves.


Complete management of the center, including Enterprise.


Complete management of Drones operators and pilots.


Sales and PTV center for shops, bars and restaurants.


Room reservations center.

And a long list of customized projects for clients with very diverse services.
Videos and presentation of these products, available at

What does this web solution provide?

A web solution in your company implies that you will install the application on a computer that will be a local web server (only accessible by the computers in your local network) and that all the computers of the company (office computers, laptops, mobile devices, touch screens, PDA’s, …) with only one browser can access.

So the only requirement for a device to access the application is that it has a browser and that it is connected to the network. By leaving the source code of the program (HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP).

We provide the client with the following advantages:

Maintenance is much more agile.

The design of the Interface is much more flexible for modifications.

Anyone with the necessary permissions can access said files and modify them.

You have total freedom for the maintenance or expansion of the solution.

He is completely the owner of HIS Horion because he has complete independence from the supplier.

arreglar pc

Some of our clients by sector:



Petrochemistry. Screws Formed Injection. Cement. Automotive Home appliances. Plastic pieces.



Madera. Herramientas. Reciclado. Pintura. Fertilizantes. Carbón.
Fibras y elastómeros. Transporte / Tráfico. Bicicletas. Material
deportivo. Estructuras metálicas.


Agricultural cooperatives. Feed. Conservers Fruit ingredients. Frozen Wineries Wholesale warehouse Stores with franchises.



City councils Osakidetza EJIE – Basque Government



Industrial engineering. Consultants. Distributors of ERP’s. Computer Services. Hardware Distributors.



Private medical center. Assembly of kitchens. Distribution of padlocks, keys, plumbing, … Photography franchises. Workshops Advertising and promotions.


Web Design and Positioning

Our graphic team will be responsible for shaping the web space, with the help of the information provided by the contractor, we will create a design that responds to the needs of users in the network, improving their reputation and their web positioning to have more visibility in the online environment.

We have three types of web designs:

Landing Page

Corporate Website

A landing page is a web space aimed at achieving a specific goal, offering information in an attractive and simple way for the user.

A corporate website is a web space in which all the information of the company, each of its services and / or products is collected with a quantity and quality of specific details.

Landing Page + Plugin

This is the development of web presence but with the integration and configuration of some plugins for web functionalities, such as a reservation system, an added language and many others.

SEO nerja Web NERJA

SEO Services

Through SEO optimization techniques we will go up positions in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, positioning ourselves on the first page of the search engine we will have much more visibility.


We offer two SEO service options:

Basic SEO: The client must send all the content he wants to be displayed on his page and our specialist will optimize it.

SEO Content generator: In addition to optimizing the content sent by the client, we will optimize and create content on a regular basis.

Other Services

Hosting + Domain

The choice of a suitable domain is part of the work of our expert in SEO, the domain acts as a postal address, so it is important that this is hosted in a professional hosting.

An artist at your disposal

For companies it is increasingly important to renew and adapt, from the re-design of a logo, to obtaining new photographs for products, personnel, office etc. We have a team of artists who will work side by side from the beginning to offer the client what they really need. These artists perform the following works:

➤ Logos

➤ Posters

➤ Infographics

➤ Professional photography

➤ Professional Video

➤Business Card

And much more.


The services of the artists are budgeted according to the requests of the clients, each project is totally exclusive and unique.


We know the importance of tourism, so we offer translation services with the best professionals, of course, the client can provide such translation if he has the right knowledge. With this we can ensure that our message is transmitted correctly in different languages.

diseño logotipos nerja

Security Audits

The new European data protection law, GDPR, in force since May 2018, represents an important change with respect to the previous one, especially in the requirements of technical security and sanctions, which have increased. The most important changes of the new GDPR are:     

  • Security audits.
  • Restoration of availability and access to personal data.
  • Guarantee of the safety of the treatment.
  • Notifications to users and authorities.
  • Hardening of sanctions.

In the safety security audit, we analyze all the possible vulnerabilities of the company’s computer systems and internal work processes, to avoid information leaks and minimize the consequences of possible attacks.

After the analysis, we designed an action plan that can include updating of tools, procedures, staff training and active monitoring of the systems, among others.

  • Comprehensive analysis of the equipment.    
  • New data protection law.     
  • Access degrees.     
  • System monitoring.     
  • Training.     
  • Prevention of attacks.   
  • Security on mobile devices.     
  • Forensics IT.



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