Informatics Infrastructure Solutions for Companies

We know that starting a business from scratch is difficult. Legal documents, various responsibilities and thinking about the computer part sometimes we find ourselves in the headache and in your business. in which the network has connection problems, high error rate in packet loss, load balance between users and bandwidth and access control for authorized people.

In the following case we have a local network that has been expanded several times assuming that there is no centralization of the information and the devices and forcing them to wire according to the available ports, the network works but is in a standstill since if you want to add more equipment to the network is necessary to change equipment and taking into account the topology and bottlenecks by the D-Link 100 / 100Mbps Switch.

The network is analyzed, the maps are mapped, the solutions are planned and a completely personalized budget is made for the client and with several implementation options.

So suggesting the change of a pair of more modern equipment with more capacity and a firewall to “lead the orchestra” we can entrust both control the entire network of a single team, be protected from both internal and external attacks and the Once opted for a network speed at the height of the optical fiber with the trunk cables that would be used to interconnect the network of the different floors.

In addition to this personalized advisory service, we sell, configure and install the network equipment of first brands, guaranteeing its correct operation.

So if you are thinking about expanding, developing or advising on how to implement your IT infrastructure correctly and thinking about a stable future, I invite you to contact us without cost and commitment to make a budget tailored to your needs and with guarantees.